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Congratulations to our 2016 NAIDC dancers
July 2016

Congratulations to all our CIDA Stars who danced at the 2016 North America Irish Dance Championships in Orlando.  A special congrats to our three dancers dancing their first solo at NAIDC.  You all made us very proud.  


Special shout out to our dancers who recalled and placed:

U11  Tessa Antonia O'Regan  28th

U13  Fiona Harley                      38th

U15 Siena Rose O'Regan         42nd

U15 Siena Ciancia                      48th

U14 Miranda Zaynor                 51st


Congratulations to our CIDA stars at the Western Regional Oireachtas
November 2016

We are so proud of all of our CIDA stars who shone so brightly in San Francisco.  A special congratulations to our World Qualifies heading to Dublin in April 2017!

U8  Aubrey Jean Stagnaro - 16th

U9  Jett Sheppard -  4th

U10 Sienna Roth -25th

U11 Tessa Antonia O'Regan - 8th Place *WQ*

U13 Fiona Harley - 11th Place *WQ*

U14 Miranda Zaynor - 12th Place *WQ*

U15 Siena Ciancia - 14th Place *WQ*

U15 Siena Rose O'Regan - 16th Place *WQ*

U16 Eliya Raccah - 37th Place 

U19 Emily Morgan-Arnold 6th Place *WQ*

Traditional Set

U6 Collette Feldman – 4th

U8 Kailee Tanaka – 6th

U9 Sinead Kelly – 7th

U11 Riley Rhoades – 9th

U12 Kyra Freemon – 3rd



U10 Mixed Ceili – 4th

U10 Girls Ceili – 4th

U12 Girls Ceili – 4th




Celtic Irish Dance Academy
Congratulations to our World's dancers
March 2016

Congratulations to all our dancers who qualified and danced at the 2016 World Irish Dancing  Championships in Glasgow.   All of our dancers worked hard and shined like stars on the big stage.  A VERY special congratulations for our first-time world qualifier and first ever CIDA  World's recall, Tessa O'Regan.  


U11  Tessa Antonia O'Regan  -47th


Congratulations on a wildly successful Oireachtas

November  2014


A huge congratulations to all the CIDA dancers who participated and danced so well at the Western Region Oireachtas.   The CIDA stars were shining bright with the following recalls:

Under 9 - Tessa Antonia O'Regan - 6th Place

Under 12 - Miranda Zaynor-16th Place

Under 13 - Siena Rose O'Regan-9th place (WQ)

Under 13 - Siena Ciancia-18th Place

Under 13 - Isabella Clark -58th Place

Under 17- Emily Morgan-Arnold -28th Place

Over 20  - Alison Perry-37th Place


Congratulations to all our CIDA stars at the NAIDC!
July 2015

We are so proud of all of our CIDA stars who shone so brightly at the 2015 North American Irish Dance Championships in Providence,  RI.  You danced your hearts out and represented us so well.  We had an amazing 75% of our dancers recall. 

10th (WQ) - Lucy Rose Rodriguez, U10A

14th - Tessa Antonia O'Regan, U10B

24th - Siena Rose O'Regan, U14A

39th - Siena Ciancia, U14A

41st -  Lexy Rose Rodriguez, U8

45th - Miranda Zaynor, U13A




Congratulations to all our CIDA stars at the Western Regional Oireachtas
November 2015

We are so proud of all of our CIDA stars who shone so brightly in Salt Lake CIty.  We have an amazing 85% of our soloists recall producing 6 World Qualifiers.  We had 100% of our traditional set dancers recall and our inaugural U10 Ceili Team placed 6th.  We couldn't be more proud of our shining stars.  


U8  Jett Sheppard - 6th Place

U8 Lexy Rose Rodriguez - 9th Place

U10 Lucy Rose Rodriguez - 4th Place *WQ*

U10 Tessa Antonia O'Regan - 5th Place *WQ*

U12 Fiona Harley - 4th Place *WQ*

U13 Miranda Zaynor - 8th Place *WQ*

U13 Peyton Stearns - 34th Place 

U14 Siena Avalon Ciancia - 9th Place *WQ*

U14 Siena Rose O'Regan - 17th Place *WQ*

U14 Isabella Clark - 28th Place 

U18 Emily Morgan-Arnold 13th Place




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